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Here at Dong Feng Brewing, we’re crazy about flavour and we love the world we live in. We’re adventurers at heart and on our travels we’ve met some incredible craft brewers, especially in the beautiful country of China.  

We’ve partnered with our favourite Chinese craft breweries and members of the craft beer community throughout China to bring you three IPA’s bursting with flavour. Juicy and fresh, we’ve always loved how Chinese ingredients have a depth of flavour that pairs perfectly with hops used in the brewing process. 

However, it’s not just the craft beer community who have inspired us on our visits. We have met some brilliant charities working towards a better future for us and our environment. That’s why for each beer sold, we will donate a portion of the profits to Animals Asia to support their work in rehabilitating bears, cats, dogs and other captive animals exploited in cruel farming practices.
You can read more about their work here ︎︎︎
We invite you to adventure out of your comfort zone with our three new IPA’s, all bursting with the taste of China. 


︎︎︎  Site under construction. More information and collaborator profiles coming soon.  ︎︎︎

Every can sold raises funds for
Every can sold raises funds for